SuperKids: Helping Students Enjoy Eating Healthy Whole Grains

The SuperKids Whole Grain Sampling Program, featuring products made with Ultragrain®, serves up delicious, nutritious foods for school cafeterias.

SuperKids offers free samples of better-for-you breakfast, lunch, and snack foods for students in grades K-12. Created by Ardent Mills®, the maker of Ultragrain, it’s the only sampling program of its kind that:

  • Lets schools select free samples of whole grain products
  • Delivers the samples directly to schools so they can evaluate them
  • Includes resources to promote whole grain nutrition

Not only does SuperKids give school cafeterias the chance to sample whole grain, higher-fiber foods that kids love to eat, it helps schools meet new dietary guidelines.

Ardent Mills created SuperKids to help schools sample products, and introduce higher-fiber and healthier whole grain options into breakfast, snack, and lunch school district menus—in foods that kids of all ages love to eat.

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